Mercury Analysis in Water – How to Prepare Your Standards

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I have seen many users preparing low level Hg standards in many different ways, some worked and many didn’t. I can recommend one way of doing it which proves to be working for me every time.
• Firstly, an intermediate Hg stock solution should be prepared. The concentration can vary depending on the user’s preference, say 1 to 5 ppb.
• Place a pre-cleaned container on an analytical balance with at least two decimal places.
• Weight in around 95 grams of the reagent blank, spike mercury standard
• Dropping pipette in reagent blank until it reaches 100.0 grams
• Cap the container tightly and shake well before use

Mercury Analysis in Water – Which Containers Are Suitable

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Generally speaking, the container shall not contaminate the sample as well as absorb mercury from the sample. Clean, and less porous is the criteria when it comes to choosing the containers. There are many types of containers such as quartz, glass, PE, HDPE, PP, PET and PTFE. They can all be used when treated properly. Our preference is however PP especially PTFE.

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