Millennium Merlin Mercury Analyzer

There’s something magical about the Merlin system for the measurement of mercury in the environment . . .
P S Analytical’s expertise in every essential stage of the analytical process – from sampling through to data presentation and interpretation of results enables us to provide complete solutions to sampling problems.


As industrialisation spreads around the world, Governments and their Regulatory Bodies are introducing ever more stringent guidelines to protect people and the environment from the menace of mercury – long recognised as toxic to humans, harmful to the environment and extremely troublesome to process plants due to its corrosive nature. As a result, analysts need to achieve the ever greater sensitivity that Millennium Merlin provides.
PSA’s experts are working closely with Standards Bodies and Regulatory Agencies to develop instrumentation conforming to and often exceeding current worldwide requirements.

With the Accuracy of Atomic Fluorescence


Millennium Merlin Mercury AnalyzerWith Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (AFS), PSA integrated vapour generation techniques to develop the Millennium Merlin system, which provides unsurpassed mercury analyser accuracy and precision, with a wide linear dynamic range, and detection levels down to 0.1 ppt for real samples.
Designed for routine use, the Millennium Merlin system provides the full range of facilities required by researchers and method development chemists.
The Millennium Merlin system offers standard modules that can be configured to meet current legislation:
• EPA Methods 1631, 245.7, 245.1 and 7474; and,
• ISO(CEN) 13506 standard.


To conform to US EPA Method 1631, PSA has configured its 10.035 instrument with the Galahad Gold preconcentrator.
The mercury from samples is first concentrated on gold foil in the amalgamation module.
The mercury is then re-vaporised into the AFS detector.
Detection levels are systematically lower using this approach. The amalgamation module can be removed readily to allow the instrument to operate as a standard AFS instrument.


The Millennium Merlin can easily be coupled to chromatographic techniques, such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ion chromatography (IC), to provide measurements of individual mercury species in a sample. The species, which are separated on
the chromatographic column, are then mixed with tin (II) chloride reagent to evolve mercury [Hg(0)] for measurement in the AFS detector.
PSA has available accessories to enable users to assemble their mercury-speciation systems quickly. Also, a simple software package evaluates the chromatograms produced.
In addition, the Millennium Merlin can be linked to commercially available systems of the user’s choice.


To measure mercury in gaseous matrices, PSA’s Amasil trapping technology can be combined with the Millennium Merlin system. The Galahad Gold preconcentrator allows samples collected on the Amasil traps to be measured using the Millennium Merlin system. The PSA M035S100 module calibrates the instrument prior to measuring the samples collected on the gold traps.


PSA provides comprehensive customer support worldwide through our fully trained distributors and in-house technical, chemical and IT support teams. Our on-going commitment to research and development, both in-house and through supported programmes in universities worldwide continues to provide major advances in the field of elemental analyses.
PSA provide solutions to difficult problems with mercury analysis, by innovative use of instrumentation and by utilising the expertise of our research and development team.


Atomic fluorescence detector

  • Sensitivity better than 0.1 ppt with linearity up to 10 ppm
  • Enables reliable detection of mercury in even the most complex samples
  • Minimal carryover – no need to sort samples before analysis Integrated system
  • Performance optimised
  • Easy to use
  • Easy access to components
  • Small footprint saves bench space Full computer control
  • Unattended operation and shut down
  • Simple to select method required
  • Saves time and money Perma Pure dryer
  • Improves precision
  • No regular changing of chemical desiccant

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